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Photo by Randy Schaetzl, Professor of Geography – Michigan State University

Red Potatoes love Michigan’s cool, moist climate and deep, sandy loam soils.

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The Bouwkamp Family
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Red Potatoes

People often think of Russia and Poland when they think of potatoes. In the United States, if you are looking for red potatoes, Michigan is one of th33 best places to get red potatoes. Michigan is known for growing Potatoes and on the Bouwkamp family farm we are best known for our red potatoes. Of course we also grow and cultivate other farm fresh produce. Learn more about our products – click here.

According to Michigan State University, in the United States, Michigan is one of the nation’s leading producer of new potatoes, the red ones with the skin on that we love so much. They go on to say that white potatoes may be the most popular because of their use in potato chips.

MSU notes that the potato contains one-half of the daily requirement for Vitamin C along with 15% of the B6 and 10% of the niacin we need.

Here at Cedar Valley Packing we sell Michigan Red Potatoes in 3 pound bags, 5 pound bags, 10 pound bags, 25 pound bags of potatoes and 50 pound bags of red potatoes. We also have Russet potatoes which are known for being a wonderful baking potato.

Cedar Valley Packing transports, packages and ships red potatoes almost everywhere East of the Mississippi! Learn more about our wholesale produce and packing services – click here. If you are ready to talk potato pease give our office a call at 231-834-7172.

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